I have bugs in my pool!!

Its not unusual to find insects in your pool but what are they and what are they doing in your pool? The main two types that you will find a water boatmen and back swimmers. The water boatmen aren’t the worst insect to have found its way into your pool. It is looking for food as it eats Algae and it has detected it in your pool so it has come in for its lunch. Even if you cannot see any algae in your pool this insect can detect it in very low concentrations that are undetectable to the human eye. These insects aren’t dangerous, aren’t poisonous and don’t bite but you don’t really want then in your pool.

They can be easily hooked out of the pool and disposed of or left to themselves to fly away but your pool water needs treating to stop them coming back. The pool needs to be deep cleaned and then a shock treatment to destroy the algae and prevent the boatmen returning.

The second insect that may be in your pool are the backswimmers and they are there because they like to eat the water boatmen. They are not dangerous, but they can give you a nasty nip like a bee sting. To get them out you need to remove their food source which means getting rid of the water boatmen which in turn means eliminating algae in the pool by maintenance and shock treatment.

Good pool maintenance and ensuring your water parameters are correct should ensure that you don’t have problems with bugs.