Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and dedicated personal pool and spa service to all our clients. To be professional and respectful. To be realistic in our recommendations and reliable in our delivery of products and services. To train and motivate our team and to encourage them to use their many varied skills and experience to provide our clients with the best possible solution to their needs.

In short, to be the best pool and spa business in our area.

Project Management

To ensure seamless project management, we work with partners we have tried, tested, and trusted. Both behind the scenes and on-site. We assemble a team of ‘Local Heroes’ – Designers, Specifiers, Surveyors, Engineers, Construction and Plant teams, all pulling together to realise your dream pool.


What People Say

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Puglia Pools and Spa in the person of Graham Bayne for over 5 years. It is not an overstatement to say that he brought comfort to our lives. As owners of property in the Valle d’Itria area of Puglia, the fact that we live in Bali and cannot be watchful of the property would be a concern but for Graham. If a problem arises, we are immediately alerted to it, consult with Graham to develop a solution, and end the conversation knowing that the problem is solved.

We don’t have to think about it again. That kind of peace of mind cannot be valued in euros, but I know that I have had fewer sleepless nights than I otherwise would had Graham not been our proxy on the ground. I would recommend Puglia Pools and Spa to provide any service they offer without reservation or hesitation.

We have found Puglia Pools to be a company you can totally trust to provide a professional and proactive service with every aspect of pool and property management. They have a friendly, skilled, and proactive team that work in partnership with owners to ensure everything runs smoothly. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

We have been working with Chris, Graham, Alison and the team for the past five years and their work on our property in Apulia has been fantastic. They have made a huge difference to the state of the property which has been commented on by many visitors, most notably to the garden and to the pool, which is transformed and is now sparkling, with several legacy issues very capably sorted out by the team.

They have also made numerous very helpful suggestions as to improvements that could be made, and have carried out those improvements. We have also used their services as letting agents very successfully. It has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to a long relationship going forward

I cannot rate Puglia Pools highly enough. They have been kind, thoughtful and go way beyond their (pool) brief every time. They have made my first few months living in Puglia a delight, so thank you and best wishes to you all.

For ten years Graham and Chris have given me 5***** service and maintenance on my pool. Competent, fairly priced, on-time, and reliable both for weekly service and installations.


Our Team

Here are the members of the year-round team. In the summer you will see many more from the seasonal meet and greet and cleaning team.


Chris has extensive knowledge of pools,
systems, and techniques. If he doesn’t know
the answer, he knows someone who does.
His ‘can-do’ attitude instills confidence in his
team and his customers. Straight talking
and friendly he’s a team player and gets
the job done. Caring for family, customers,
and keeping fit are priorities for Chris.


Graham once managed the restoration of
windmills in Norfolk. He now manages the
design, structure, and implementation of
stunning swimming pools. He is precise,
thoughtful, and conscientious. An avid
skydiver, his next challenge, (when he can
find time), is to go free-diving in the icy
waters of Finland. In the winter! What’s wrong
with warm Puglia Pool water Graham?


Britain, Cyprus, and Mexico have all been
my home until moving here in 2007.
As Puglia Pools has grown over the years
my strengths in both administration
and organisation have been key to looking
after the general running of the office. If you’re
not sure who to contact, get in touch
with me and I will ensure that you get to talk
to the right person.


I have always loved working with people
and helping them with any problems.
Here, as the office secretary at Puglia Pools,
I try to be the shoulder our customers can
rely on when they have to deal with the
bureaucracy of Italian offices, facilities
and so on. I really enjoy travelling
and here in Puglia, I am passionate
about exploring the unknown treasures
that Puglia offers.


I have many years of experience working in
civil construction as a Surveyor. Since
joining Puglia Pools, I have gained a lot of
experience in the swimming pool sector.
From pool cleaning, maintenance and now
becoming skilled in the technicalities of
pool building and liner installation and
welding. My days are always interesting
and varied.


Through my 25 years of work experience in
different companies in the electrical, civil
and industrial sector, I have acquired skills
in general and electrical maintenance.
I have been working in Puglia Pools since
2018, where I carry out various
maintenance and repair jobs, general
cleaning and other jobs required by
the company.


I have worked in the swimming pool sector
for about 10 years now. Starting as a
maintenance technician and then moving
into engineering systems, my technical
experience has grown considerably.
All aspects relating to the building of pools
interest me and I recently qualified in the
area of pool liner welding.


My work experience has varied during my life,
from a worker in a large industrial plant,
to a labourer in the construction of dry
stone walls and buildings. Over time, my
passion for nature, the countryside and
plants have had the upper hand, leading me
to carry out more and more outdoor jobs
and my professional gardeners’
qualification enables me to do a job
I really enjoy.


I am 36 years old, Italian and I live in Alberobello.
My work experience over the last few years has
been mainly in the field of buildings restoration
and maintenance, consolidating this skill within
accommodation facilities in the area. I joined
Puglia Pools in spring 2021, and am developing
my abilities in pools installation and
maintenance, allowing me to start this
new path and get qualified in this area.