Pool Construction

A swimming pool is probably the second most expensive purchase you will make after your house, so it is important that it is done properly. Here at Puglia Pools, we help you realise your pool dreams. Whether you’re living here full time already, renting out a holiday home for income, or visiting Puglia for your vacations, you need to be sure your pool is properly designed, installed, and safe.

There are several basic choices that need to be made before deciding on which route to take and we are happy to visit you at your property to discuss the various options. We are happy to give advice on pool types, systems and prices, under no obligation.


Experts in pool design


Should you build in the ground or on the ground? Should you go for concrete, steel, Isoblok construction? Should you finish with tiles, mosaic, plaster, regular liner, premium liner? Saltwater or chlorine water? Sand filter, glass filter or cartridge? Where is your local water source? We can help you decide and give you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Differing sizes, shapes, finishes. Differing build methods and materials. All culminate in differing price points. Building a safe, reliable, and durable pool is a specialist operation. It’s not just a case of digging a large hole in the ground and pouring a concrete tub. Volume, depth, water flow, filtration are all carefully tailored to each individual pool….and all need to comply with local regulations and permissions.


The Finishing Touch

The choice of finish gives you the personal touch.

There are several types of finishes too. PVC liners, waterproof plaster, and tiles being the most popular. The choice is really down to personal preference. The latest generation of liners provides a wonderful surface, both aesthetically and for comfort. There is a large range of colours and designs, soft to the touch and hard-wearing.

We have examples of all types of finishes for you to see first-hand before deciding which one you would prefer for your pool.


We will visit your site and together we will design a pool to meet your needs. Many aspects need to be considered. Child safety, location of the pool, topography of the land, leisure and fitness use. The shapes and sizes; freestyle, natural or geometric. Length, width, and volume. Colours and finishes. Once all these elements have been decided, then we can produce your personal itemised and accurate quotation.


Many people want a big impressive pool. It looks great and it’s fabulous to relax in. Big is beautiful but you have to remember that a large volume of water means a large cleaning regime and a large chemical demand. Not to mention the large water loss due to evaporation and wind. Or you may be renovating or repairing an existing pool. Your desires are our challenges.


No matter whether you want a gigantic in-ground natural oasis or a stylish above-ground plunge pool, you will have our boundless enthusiasm and extensive skills to turn your dreams into reality. New builds, renovations, repairs, we take care of all the management of the project. Our raft of trusted suppliers, our reliable and friendly workforce and our local experience all contribute to a joyful completion: