Pool Construction

If you are looking for a new pool we can help you with the entire process from the design stage through the planning application and finally construction. A swimming pool is probably the second most expensive purchase you will make after your house so it is important that it is done properly. There are many different styles of pool construction, finish, filtration and sanitization and we can provide advice and suggestions to help you decide which fits best with your requirements and budget.
While pools are not particularly complicated there are certain aspects that are important to ensure the longevity of the pool and ensure it is safe and simple to maintain and use.
For our pool construction we use one of two systems that are different to the standard concrete constructions or steel panel pools that are generally used here. These systems create a superior quality pool and allow total flexibility in the design and finish of the pool. Even if you do not require us to build your pool we are always happy to give advice on pool types, pool systems and prices.

ISOBLOCK Construction

The ISOBLOCK system uses polystyrene blocks that are filled with steel reinforced concrete to form the walls of the pool. Similar blocks are used in the construction of houses in many countries due to their ease of use and their insulating properties. The advantage of this system is that it is quick to build, light and easy to manoeuvre and produces a very well insulated pool wall.
The ISOBLOCK system is suitable for all types of finish such as tiles, liners, render or paint and can be used for both skimmer pools and infinity style pools. ​

Pool Finishes

There are several types of finishes for swimming pools with PVC liners, waterproof plaster and tiles being the most popular. The choice of finish is really down to personal preference but in our opinion the latest generation of liners provide the best finish both aesthetically and for comfort with a range of colours/designs, soft to the touch and hard wearing. We have examples of all types of finish for you to see first hand before deciding which one you would prefer for your pool.