Pool Maintenance

Surfaces cleaning, filtration and water sanitisation is the major requirement of all pools. Our high reputation for pool maintenance has been built on always providing an honest, reliable and professional service. We guarantee that your pool will be in perfect condition all season. Using the latest equipment tailored to the requirements of your pool, coupled with our water testing facilities, we ensure that your pool water is always crystal clear. Correct water balancing provides perfect bathing conditions, helps reduce chemical usage and prolongs the life of your pool equipment.

Our pool maintenance teams work an expert regular schedule. They check and correct pH balance and Cl balance to eliminate such problems as over-chlorination, chlorine lock, algae growth. They backwash filters. They clean and clear debris. They remove scum lines.

We also provide an emergency call out service. If you ever have a problem with your pool and require a second opinion or advice on how to resolve the issue, we can assist.


    • Removal, cleaning, and storage of pool cover and associated securing system

    • Installation of pump, chlorination system, dosing pumps etc. where required

    • Water analysis and correction as required

    • Review of filtration system, electrics, circuit breakers etc.

    • Pool clean

    • Install steps where applicable


    • Final pool clean

    • Water analysis and correction

    • Winter chemicals

    • Remove steps where applicable

    • Install cover

    • Remove pump, chlorination system, dosing pumps etc. where required


    • Twice weekly visits*

    • Pool clean including scum line as required

    • Water analysis and correction

    • System check​


Swimming Pool Cleaning

From green to clean in 3 days.

DAY 1 Morning

DAY 2 Afternoon