Another pool converted from old tiles to a new Alkorplan Touch liner with a seating area added in front of the steps. A new terrace surrounding the pool and new pergola will finish the job.

The new generation of liners provides the perfect finish to both new and renovated pools as they feel great and the latest colour ranges provide an elegant look to the pool.

This particular pool started life as a Desjoyaux tiled pool and we initially upgraded the filtration system several years ago which involved adding conventional skimmers, return jets and a sand filter system to keep the pool water in perfect condition.

This year the liner conversion meant changing the skimmers and return jets to liner compatible ones, adding bottom drains and lights which weren’t included with the original Desjoyaux pool. The walls and floor were disinfected and then lined so that shape of the tiles would not show through the new liner. A liner lock track was added to mount the wall liner to and a bench area was added in front of the steps at one end of the pool. Finally the base of the pool was covered in Alkorplan Touch Authentic liner which was head to head welded to give a perfectly seamless finish.