I have mentioned this before, but in the light of recent events I feel the need to mention it again.
If you are asking an agent to get you quotes for work please please check the prices your are given with a reputable company to see if they in the ball park of where they should be. Recently we were asked to quote for some work at property and duly gave the quote to the agent. A few weeks later I bumped into someone in a bar who started talking to me as they saw the Puglia Pools name on my jacket. To cut a long story short, it turned out that our quote of €3000 had turned into a €7500 quote from the agent. It’s a relatively common occurrence which seriously annoys me especially as we could become associated with charging exorbitant prices for relatively simple work and our customers are being ripped off. We are more than happy to give you advice any quotes you may have if you feel they may be too high.
Here is the perfect reason why you shouldn’t entrust the construction of your pool to any old builder who says he can do it. This customer has paid for an automatic PH controller and dosing pump but unfortunately the pool company attached the feed and sensor to the waste pipe!!!! Any PH- liquid would have been pumped straight down the drain and the sensor would have been ruined almost straight away as it needs to be kept wet and would have quickly dried out as the waste tube isn’t used very often.