The planning process here in Puglia can be a slow process but there is no reason why you can’t have a place to swim while you wait for your dream pool to be realised. We can provide you with a temporary pool while our geometra works on getting your planning application approved so you can enjoy your property while you wait. Contact Chris on 3932158114 for more information.

We have a special offer on pools and spas ordered this month. Subject to personal conditions we can offer zero percent finance over 12 months. Contact us for more details.

Get ready for summer 2020 with one of these wooded above ground pool kits. They are perfect for a DIY build and we are always available for technical support.

Kit Niagara
4 different sizes ranging 600cm x 416cm to 1234cm x 634cm including border
Nordic wood structure

Wall thickness 4.5cm treated in an autoclave to ensure long lasting protection.

Blue or sand coloured liner

Sand filter and pump

External wooden staircase

Internal steps

Maintenance kit
Prices excluding IVA and delivery

Kit 600 x 416 – €4271

Kit 834 x 492 – €6853

Kit 1034 x 634 – €8634

Kit 1234 x 634 – 9805
Contact us for more information

Spa Magnolia €5200. List price €9350
Price excludes IVA, delivery and installation.

3 seats
2 beds
Water and air jets
LED lighting
Water blade
Ozone system
Digital control
FM radio and USB

2 year guarantee and technical support included.
We can help organise finance subject to conditions.
Price limited to orders placed before 1st March 2020
Contact us for more information.

Ci occupiamo attualmente dell’installazione di queste spa top di gamma e su misura dell’azienda Mosaic spa provenienti dal Regno Unito. Esporremo queste spa molto particolari alla fiera di Bari dal 3 marzo. Vieni a trovarci al nostro stand per vederle di persona e conoscere tutti i nostri servizi.

We are now importing and installing these top of the range bespoke spas from the Mosaic spa company in the UK. We are exhibiting this particular spa at the show in Bari from 3rd March so come along to meet us and check this spa and and all our other services.

As with land, a large garden can end up being costly not only in completion but also for its future maintenance. There are several different issues to take into consideration. Firstly, a large complicated garden will need a lot of maintenance which will not only be costly but will also mean the gardener spends more time at your property while your guests are there enjoying their holidays. Secondly, water usage is a huge issue here which can prove costly especially if you have water delivered by tanker and you have chosen to go for large areas of grass. If the property has its own well then this reduces the cost of the water but these can be very costly to have installed. Unless you have a large budget and aren’t worried about future costs then it may be worth thinking about keeping the gardens to a minimum, around the property itself as well as outdoor seating areas and of course the pool. Use water wise, popular indigenous plants with areas of gravel, wood chip, pebbles and stone, for ground cover to help reduce water usage and reduce maintenance when your guests are using your property.  ​