When buying a property here it is not unusual for it to have out buildings and sheds that have a roof made from asbestos. If it is necessary to remove this asbestos then it must be done correctly and this will involve using a company that is licensed to remove the product from your property. Unfortunately this means that there a few companies who are charging an extortionate amount for this service and we have heard of one company from Martina Franca who is charging €6000 to remove 4 sheets. It does not need to be this expensive and there are licensed companies who will only charge €1200 for this service so if you feel you are being overcharged then get in touch and we will let you have their details.
More and more holiday makers are asking for heated pools especially if they are coming here during the cooler months of the season. The most cost effective heating systems available are the pool solar panels. These systems utilise the pools existing pump to pass the water through the panels where it is heated by the sun before returning to the pool. Once the system has been installed there are no running costs at all, just a change to the programmed filter times and a computer controlled valve will close the panels on the days when they not required. The panels can be mounted on a steel frame, on top of wooden pergolas or even just placed on the ground. We have installed several of these systems and are currently working on a large installation near Ostuni. If anyone in the is interested in a solar panel system or our pool services in Ostuni or the surrounding area and would like to see the system then please contact us.