Due to increased workforce we now have extra capacity for pool maintenance services in Alberobello and surrounding areas.
We guarantee a crystal clear pool for the entire season as well as carry out regular checks of your pool through the closed winter season.
Every cleaning visit includes a 7 point water analysis test and subsequent adjustment to ensure that the pool water is always in optimum condition. This not only means you pool remains in perfect condition but also reduces the amount of chemicals required in order to keep it as such.
Each month we use our computerised photometric testing kit to produce a property specific report which is we keep as permanent evidence of your pools condition.
We know that not only is your pool important for ensuring your guests get a great first impression of your property but also its condition is important for their health and safety.
For more information regarding our pool services please do not hesitate to contact us.
One of the most important parts of your pool system is your pool filter which rely’s on the condition of the sand inside it to filter your water efficiently. The older the sand gets the less it is capable of filtering your pool water and sand change is required if you want to have a pool with crystal clear water in it. In recent years a glass substrate has been introduced to the market which increases the efficiency of the filter and also needs replacing less frequently.
If you want to increase the efficiency of your filter then the Pentair Clear Pro range of filters are the answer. With their ceramic diffusers and using the glass substrate you can have a sand filter that is almost as efficient as a cartridge filter system. We have one of these systems installed at a property near Alberobello if you would like to see one in action.