Now that we are a few months into the winter closure it is a good time to have your pools checked to make sure they are in good shape. Dogs chewing through water bags, heavy rain or strong winds dragging the cover into the pool, large amounts of detritus rotting on top of the cover are several reasons why it is a good idea to have your pool checked through the closed season. Checking the water parameters at the same time can enable an extra dose of sanitiser to be added or a PH adjustment to be made where required to ensure that the pool is in perfect condition the moment the it is opened in the spring.
One way of making your property stand out from the others is by the services you can offer your guests during their stay. All the properties we manage have access to our range of guest services some of which are listed below. Ensuring that your guests have the best possible holiday experience is essential to try and gather as many positive reviews for your property in order to help with increasing future enquiries. Word of mouth is a good source of future bookings so giving your guests a great holiday experience will hopefully mean they will tell their friends and colleagues about your property.

24 hour emergency help line
Lost luggage contact number and delivery point
Translation services
Emergency help with doctors, hospital and police
Food shopping on arrival
Extra welcome pack on arrival
Taxi hire
Birthday/anniversary cakes
Pizza Chef
Pasta evening
Private Chef
Restaurant bookings
Guided tours
Bike hire
Scooter hire
Boat trips
Helicopter flights
Tourist information services
Extra pool cleaning
Extra house cleaning
Grape picking
Olive harvesting