When we first started out we found that quite a few property owners were being told that they needed to replace the water in their pools at the beginning of every season, especially if it was green when the pool company opened the pool in the spring.


That certainly shouldn’t be the case, especially if the pool water is correctly balanced at the time of closing the pool then there is no reason for it to be green when it is opened. Even if it is green it only needs three or four days to get it back to clear so there is no need to change the water. When we open a pool we want to be certain it is ready for you to dive straight in without any remedial work having to be done.

To ensure this is the case we visit the pool on a regular basis (free of charge) throughout the closed season to check the cover is still in place and to check the water chemistry is still correct and adjusted if required. By doing this we don’t get any nasty surprises when we open the pool, there is no extra work that needs to be done before your season starts, no extra costs to the owner and we can move straight into the weekly maintenance routine.

​As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

For many years Chlorine has been the standard type of of sanitisation used for swimming pools across the world. While chlorine is safe when used correctly there has been a drive to find a way of keeping pools clean and safe without having to use it simply because when dosed incorrectly it can be hazardous and there are links to chlorine and asthma and skin irritation.
Salt water pools are a favourite way of reducing chlorine usage but the pool still has chlorine in the water which has come from the salt molecule when it broken into Sodium and chlorine as part of the sanitisation process.
However, there are other forms of sanitisation such as Ultraviolet light, Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide and copper amongst others that can be used to eliminate the use of chlorine completely.
If you are interested in removing chlorine from your pool and would like more information then please feel free to contact us.