Mosaic Spas – Transforming Swimming Pools into Breathtaking Mosaic Masterpieces


Puglia Pools has worked to be a leading pool design and maintenance authority. We have worked on a great number of pool projects, creating incredible mosaic pools and mosaic spas designs. Puglia Pools understand how difficult to preserve a pool can be and the importance of regular treatments. We offer complete pool maintenance services to ensure the resilience and beauty of our clients’ pools.

At Puglia Pools, our team of skilled artisans enables us to create beautiful designs that elevate ordinary pools into magnificent works of art.

Within our possibilities, you will find a wide range of mosaic styles to enhance the visual appeal of swimming pools. One such style is the typical geometric pattern. Working with shapes, we create outstanding compositions, redesigning pools into completely new spaces.

To sum up, our top priority is to incorporate the client’s vision and preferences into each project we take on, whether it involves creating eye-catching abstract designs, intricate mosaic murals or logos.

If you need more details on our pool maintenance service, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Spa maintenance

Mosaic spas and pools are difficult to maintain over time. For this reason, some pool owners may experience the unfortunate loss of mosaic tiles. Thus, we provide renovation services to carefully restore the pool’s original mosaic pattern to its former glory. In the same way for clients seeking a complete redesign, we offer the opportunity to revamp their pool style entirely. Collaborating closely with our clients, we design and implement a completely new mosaic pattern.

The condition of our clients’ pools is important to us, and our complete pool maintenance services ensure that every pool remains in optimal condition, letting our clients enjoy their aquatic retreats worry-free.

Experience the beautiful mosaic artistry with Puglia Pools. Contact us today to embark on a journey of pool design, restoration, and maintenance. Where creativity and craftsmanship converge to create mosaic masterpieces that will delight and inspire for years to come.


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