Seasonal pools


Are you facing hurdles in obtaining permits to build a swimming pool on your property? If your location doesn’t allow permanent swimming pools or the approval process seems endlessly uncertain, start considering the perfect solution: seasonal pools. The law states that seasonal swimming pools do not require any permanent structural changes, individuals can entirely dismantle them. People can enjoy these pools for up to 6 months. At Puglia Pools, we offer a range of standard-sized seasonal pools, with a hassle-free build service during spring. Come autumn, we take care of the tear-down process, and if space is a concern, don’t worry! We offer large storage for your pool in our stock. Don’t let permits dampen your dreams. With our seasonal pools, you can relish the joys of a swimming pool on your property. Contact us today for more information and dive into your pool paradise without the wait!

Embrace the Freedom of Seasonal Pools – Indulge in Half-Year Swimming Pleasure

Discover the freedom of having a swimming pool on your property with our exceptional seasonal pool options. No longer feel restricted by permits and approvals; our seasonal pools provide the perfect solution to embrace the joys of swimming for half the year. At Puglia Pools, we have a variety of standard-sized pools with a seamless build service, ensuring you can indulge in a refreshing dip during the spring and summer months. As autumn approaches, we expertly dismantle the pool, and if space is an issue, our winter storage option keeps your pool safe and secure until the next season. Don’t miss out on the delight of having your own swimming pool. We design our seasonal pool solutions to fit your needs, providing a convenient and enjoyable experience throughout the permitted months. Contact us now for more information and transform your property into a vibrant hub of aquatic pleasure.

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