Developing your property – Gardens

As with land, a large garden can end up being costly not only in completion but also for its future maintenance. There are several different issues to take into consideration. Firstly, a large complicated garden will need a lot of maintenance which will not only be costly but will also mean the gardener spends more time at your property while your guests are there enjoying their holidays. Secondly, water usage is a huge issue here which can prove costly especially if you have water delivered by tanker and you have chosen to go for large areas of grass. If the property has its own well then this reduces the cost of the water but these can be very costly to have installed. Unless you have a large budget and aren’t worried about future costs then it may be worth thinking about keeping the gardens to a minimum, around the property itself as well as outdoor seating areas and of course the pool. Use water wise, popular indigenous plants with areas of gravel, wood chip, pebbles and stone, for ground cover to help reduce water usage and reduce maintenance when your guests are using your property.  ​