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Enviroswim ES3 pool sanitation system

The Enviroswim ES-3 is a revolutionary water purification system from Australia which eliminates the need to add chemicals to your pool for the purpose of sanitising the water.  This system uses a combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionization and ultrasonics to remove the impurities from the pool leaving just pure, clean water.

Silver is an anti-bacterial agent while Copper is an algaecide but they don’t have any oxidising properties which means that there is nothing to break down the organic compounds that find their way into the water. To overcome this the ES-3 the uses a combination of both electronic oxidisation and ultrasonics.

Many pool companies/builders are resistant to change and as such don’t like to recommend products that they don’t understand. Pool maintenance companies also make a large amount of money from selling their customers chlorine based products so they aren’t keen on selling systems that will subsequently reduce their future income stream.  We are more interested in bringing new, advanced systems to our customers so that they can benefit form the advantages that these systems bring to their pools. In Australia these systems are very popular and across the world the interest in fresh water pools is increasing rapidly as people want a more environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of using the ES-3 include-

Kills bacteria that is resistant to chlorine

Vastly reduces chemical usage

Eliminates chemical smells

Does not need chlorine to be added to the pool water

Increases pump life

Swimming in fresh water

2 year warranty

In 2009 the Enviroswim ES3 was awarded the NSF 50 certification in the USA which is only granted to products that pass stringent test including reliability, safety, microbiological efficacy and pool surface stain resistance.

The only consumables required for the ES3 are the electrodes that need to be replaced every 18 to 24 months depending on pool usage. The Enviroswim can be retro fitted to most existing pool systems with minimal adaptation.

Copper can stain the pool surfaces if it is in excess of 1ppm but the ES3 system operates at levels between 0.25 to 0.4ppm. The system comes with a simple to use test kit so it is a simple job to ensure the correct levels are maintained. If the pool is neglected and staining does occur then this can be removed using citric acid which is a commonly used stain remover.

The level of copper and silver in the pool water is well below drinking water guidelines. In Queensland the level produced by the ES3 is only 30% of the maximum recommended drinking water concentration and the backwash water can be discarded onto gardens.

Swimming in fresh water not only feels nicer and is better for your skin and swimming costumes it is better for your pool. Chlorine has an effect on various parts of the pool system and salt can cause damage to certain materials which mustn’t be used in the construction of a saltwater pool. There is a growing list of health issues associated with bathing in chlorinated water which is why there are several companies now looking at new ways of sanitising pool water.