How we got started

Puglia Pools actually started 9 years ago when I needed someone to maintain my own pool and quickly realised that the majority of existing companies or individuals did not care about my pool as much as I did, they didn’t understand water chemistry and were completely unreliable by not turning up for scheduled cleans, or they billed for visits they hadn’t made and then made up excuses when the pool was less than perfect. After speaking to several other English owners I found that this was a problem common to all of them and it soon became obvious that if I wanted my pool to be looked after properly then I would need to do it myself.
Swimming pools are not complicated or difficult to understand but they do need to be regularly cleaned and maintained with an amount of TLC. They cannot be ignored, not visited, and not checked if you want them to stay in perfect condition – it’s as simple as that. It is also really important to understand what the various different water parameters are, how they can be maintained and what effect they have on the condition of the pool’s water. Getting this right is as important as making sure the filter is running as 8 out of 10 pool problems are a result of poor water chemistry and not mechanical issues.
It wasn’t long before I was not only maintaining my own pool but also seven other pools belonging to English property owners in and around Alberobello.
Once I got started it quickly became obvious that there were several reoccurring issues common amongst foreign owners which made it clear that there was a gap in the market place for a reliable, genuine, honest and professional company who understands what is important to their customer’s and from there Puglia Pools (or Puglia Pools & Gardens as it was first called) was formed.    
We are not a big company and we don’t have a huge warehouse, offices or fleets of vehicles etc. However, we do understand swimming pools, the importance of customer service with good communication and, most of all, we care about your pool and property as much as you do.