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Swimming pool lighting

In general pool lamps are very simple to replace when they blow and the pool water level does not need to lowered. The light units are attached to the housing in the pool wall by a length of cable that allows the unit to be lifted out of the water and placed on the side […]


Just recently we have found out that there is a company going around telling prospective clients that they have been recommended by us or that they have worked with us before. This is not the case and we would certainly not recommend them for any work. If anyone contacts you stating that they come recommended […]

ISOBLOK pool construction

The ISOBLOK pool system is a type of polystyrene block that is designed for quick and simple pool construction. There are several advantages in using these rather than concrete blocks or cast concrete structures. The blocks are light and therefore quicker and easier to transport and install. The isothermic properties provides two layers of insulation […]

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The importance of PH

​Maintaining the correct level of PH in your pool is very important as it directly affects the ability of chlorine to sanitise the pool water. When chlorine products are added to water they react with it to produce two different compounds. One of these compounds is very efficient at killing bacteria while the second is […]

A warm welcome from Puglia Pools

Welcome to our new Puglia Pools website, on-line store and blog. We will continue to provide our high standard of services that you are already used to and can now give help and advice on line as well as supply across Italy the products that we recommend and use for our local clients. We also […]