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There is always the cheaper option!!

The entire pool structure is supported by the reinforced concrete base that it is built on. What would you rather have supporting your pool, the correct specifications or the cheaper option? C’è sempre l’opzione più economica !! L’intera struttura della piscina è sostenuta dalla base in cemento armato su cui è costruita. Cosa preferiresti avere […]

Steel panel pool construction

Steel panel pool construction is a quick, simple and economic system of pool construction. While many companies will claim to use a “better quality” steel, or panel design, in reality almost all have the same specifications. Steel panels, like most types of pool construction have their strengths and weaknesses so it is important to have […]

Guest Services

Mozzarella and Ricotta making afternoons are very popular with our guests. Our guest services package is available at all our managed properties so you can give your guests something extra to look forward to. Contact us for more information.

Pool refurbishment from tiled to Alkorplan touch liner

Another pool converted from old tiles to a new Alkorplan Touch liner with a seating area added in front of the steps. A new terrace surrounding the pool and new pergola will finish the job. The new generation of liners provide the perfect finish to both new and renovated pools as they feel great and […]

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Swim this season

The planning process here in Puglia can be a slow process but there is no reason why you can’t have a place to swim while you wait for your dream pool to be realised. We can provide you with a temporary pool while our geometra works on getting your planning application approved so you can […]

Pool chemicals

We have a full range of pool chemicals available but they are only available for order in our immediate area. We cannot ship throughout Italy so we offer these products only to our customers in the following areas of Bari, Putignano, Noci, Turi, Castellana, Fasano, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Ostuni, Ceglie Messapica, Monopoli, Polignano, Conversano, […]

Enviroswim ES3 pool sanitation system

The Enviroswim ES-3 is a revolutionary water purification system from Australia which eliminates the need to add chemicals to your pool for the purpose of sanitising the water.  This system uses a combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionization and ultrasonics to remove the impurities from the pool leaving just pure, clean water. Silver is […]


Helicol pool solar heating panels

Heated swimming pools are a great if you are looking at ways to extend the rental season into the autumn. As competition for bookings increases offering something that helps your property stand out from the rest will help you fill those extra weeks at the start and end of the season. Solar panel pool heating […]

Another new contract.

Another new contract for this season which is going to need a little work to get it up and running again. The water level suggests that the pool is leaking around one of the light units and an empty skimmer also indicates that the pipework is also leaking. Fantastic views though!!!!!