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Management services – booking process

Many of our clients like to manage their own advertising either through there own websites or through the various advertising sites available such as Owners Direct or Airbnb. However, after the initial booking has been made there is still quite a lot that needs to be done before the guests actually arrive at the property […]


Algiklean is a double action product that combats algae and also makes the water crystal clear at the same time. It can be used with saline chlorine generators, as a base algaecide at the start of the season and as a shock treatment for algal blooms during the season. Algiklean is compatible with super chlorination, […]


There are several different types of algae but not all anti algae products will deal with all types. Algiblack rapidly eliminates all kinds of algae that grow in swimming pools but are especially suitable for combating black, yellow and brown algae and the pool can be used immediately after the product has been added.


Algibon is a versatile multifunction product that helps maintain water quality by improving water clarity, discourages growth of algae and repels insects. It is possibly one of the best maintenance algicides on the market. 


A product based on organic polymers that removes fat, suntan oils, organic matter, pollen, etc. from water surface by coagulating and later elimination by filtration. the product does not deposit on the bottom of the pool and also acts as brightener. It is very effective in clarifying water after a rain and mud etc have […]

Piscimar professional pool products

We are now suppliers of the complete range of Piscimar pool chemicals and products. For anyone that really cares about the quality of their pool water then these are the products to choose. We also offer a pool water analysis service and are more than happy to visit your pool and check everything over for […]


Cleanpool are individually wrapped tablets that are added to the skimmer and clarify the water in 24 hours while improving the performance of the pools filtration by increasing the amount of debris trapped within the filter. They can be used with any type of filtration including DE and do not change the PH, alkalinity or […]

Photovoltaic panel installations

If you have a house or holiday home here in Italy then you will know that electricity is pretty expensive here. If you have a large property with a swimming pool heated by electrically powered heat pumps, large amounts of outdoor lighting, irrigated gardens with water from a pumped water supply then you can be […]

Guest services

Experience the Ultimate Guest Housing with Our Exclusive Services! At Puglia Pools, we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional guest housing experience that will leave a lasting impression. Elevate your stay with our comprehensive range of personalised services, meticulously designed to cater to your every need. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you: 1. 24-hour Emergency […]

A timely reminder………..

Once again it’s time to reiterate the importance of having your planning application double checked to make sure everything thing is being done legally. We have have just met up with a family who have just been in court and received a €44,000 fine and 4 month jail sentence for having had work done at […]