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Geometra services

Our geometra will be available at our offices on Friday afternoons to provide free advice on guidance on any planning queries you may have. If you have any questions regarding your existing property or future property purchases then please do not hesitate to call in and speak to Giuseppe or email us and we can […]

Aquadeck pool covers

Puglia Pools is proud to announce that we are now registered suppliers and installers of Aquadeck slatted pool covers. There are many different brands on the market but we chose Aquadeck because of the quality of their covers and the fact that they manufacture everything in house. We attended their installation workshop two weeks ago […]

Property Services

Along with our sister company Perfect Puglia we offer the complete service for holiday property owners. Our aim is to provide our owners with a package that helps them increase the number of bookings and then provide their guests with the perfect holiday once they are here in Puglia. All our properties are regularly checked […]

Pool upgrades are also available during winter!

Throughout the year, our work schedules and priorities change. Once all the pools are closed and the rental season is over, we immediately concentrate on preparing the properties for the following season. Always thinking ahead to the next pool season makes winter a great time to look into pool upgrades! Many owners want their pools […]

Total Alkalinity

Total Alkalinity is the amount of alkaline salts such as carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxide ions that are present in pool water. It is important to understand the part total alkalinity plays in the chemistry of water because it acts as a buffer for the movement of PH.If the alkalinity of the water is too low, […]

Green Pools

​There is absolutely no reason for your pool to ever go green if it is looked after and maintained properly.  There are several reasons why Algae can take hold in a pool but all can be avoided with the correct water management and maintenance routines being adhered to.Green pools are not due to the “green” […]

Winter pool visits

When we first started out we found that quite a few property owners were being told that they needed to replace the water in their pools at the beginning of every season, especially if it was green when the pool company opened the pool in the spring.   That certainly shouldn’t be the case, especially […]


For many years Chlorine has been the standard type of of sanitisation used for swimming pools across the world. While chlorine is safe when used correctly there has been a drive to find a way of keeping pools clean and safe without having to use it simply because when dosed incorrectly it can be hazardous […]

Property check

The last thing any home owner wants to hear is that part of their property has not got the proper planning authorisation in place but unfortunately this happens a lot more frequently than it should and results in a multitude of problems. We generally find out there are issues with a property when the owners […]

Planning permissions

It is extremely important that before starting any work on your property that you have the required planning permission in place. We have lost count of the number of times that we have gone to a planning department for a client only to find that work they have had done previously has not got the […]