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Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) members are committed to providing customers with a first class service. SPATA members include pool construction companies and suppliers which provide filtration, heating, water treatment systems, pool covers, pool enclosures and pool equipment, for instance. As part of the SPATA membership, contractors are provided with a comprehensive set […]


Cosa sono le alghe nere e cosa devo fare?

Le alghe nere in realtà non sono alghe ma un batterio fotosintetico acquatico a cellula singola chiamate cianobatteri che crescono in grumi sul pavimento e sulle pareti della piscina. Questo batterio può essere potenzialmente pericoloso se ne viene ingerito abbastanza e può uccidere i cani se bevono acqua con esso e sfortunatamente, a differenza delle […]


Piscina Stagionale

Hai avuto problemi ad ottenere i permessi per costruire una piscina? La tua proprietà è in un’area in cui non è consentita una piscina permanente? La tua richiesta per costruire richiede tempi di attesa lunghi ed ancora ad oggi vivi nell’incognita di quando potrà essere approvata?In base alla legislazione, a chiunque è consentito avere una […]


What is black algae

Black algae is not actually an Algae but a single celled aquatic photosynthetic bacteria called cyanobacteria which grows in clumps on the floor and walls of the pool. This bacteria can be potentially dangerous if enough of it is swallowed and can kill dogs if they drink water with it in and unfortunately, unlike green […]


Solar panel upgrade

We are upgrading the pools solar panels at Trullo Negli Alberi this winter. The old ones had done a decent job for the last 6 years but over this time they have shown to have a couple of failings. The first are the rubber tubes that connect the panels together which it turns out are […]


Temperatura ideale piscina

La temperatura ideale di una piscina variare in base al suo utilizzo. Se ci sono bambini o anziani che utilizzano la piscina, è consigliabile optare per una piscina riscaldata. Per un uso più blando, la temperatura ideale dell’acqua si aggira tra i 26 e i 28 gradi centigradi. Mantenere la soglia di queste temperature può […]


Seasonal Pools

Have you had problems getting planning permission for a pool? Is your property in an area where a permanent pool is not permitted? Is you planning application taking a long time and is still nowhere near being passed? Under the legislation anyone is permitted to have a seasonal pool for 6 months if it does […]

Help these dogs

Puglia Pools is trying to find homes for these abandoned dogs which all have good temperaments and are all very friendly. We already have two abandoned dogs and four abandoned cats living with us and don’t have any more room. We are also trying to help the lady who rescues these dogs to raise funds […]

I have bugs in my pool!!

Its not unusual to find insects in your pool but what are they and what are they doing in your pool? The main two types that you will find a water boatmen and back swimmers. The water boatmen aren’t the worst insect to have found its way into your pool. It is looking for food […]


Whats the perfect temperature for my pool?

The ideal temperature of a pool can vary depending on its use. For example if you are teaching children to swim or you have elderly relatives using the pool the a higher temperature is recommended but for general use the ideal temperature for pool water is between 26 and 28 degrees. Reaching this temperature can […]