Property check

The last thing any home owner wants to hear is that part of their property has not got the proper planning authorisation in place but unfortunately this happens a lot more frequently than it should and results in a multitude of problems.
We generally find out there are issues with a property when the owners contact us to carry out some work for them and we need to check the property details out with the commune or apply for planning permission. It is at this point that anything irregular must be sorted out before any further work can be applied for or started and obviously causes long delays and can even affect the new work application.
​Our latest experience of this was when a client decided to sell their property and during the process it was found that among other things, two rooms were illegal and the sale has fallen through and there could be a claim for compensation by the buyers.
If you don’t have all the documentation to your property and would like to have it checked out then let us know and Giuseppe will be more than happy to check through everything for you free of charge.