Thank you so much Craig

One of our clients has sold his holiday home here in Puglia and he sent the new owners a recommendation for our services. I don’t think they can come much better than this. Thank you so much.

 Dear Prospective Client,

This is easiest and most passionate recommendation I have ever written for a service provider in my life. My ex-wife and I moved to Puglia, Selva di Fasano, in March of 2016 with our four dogs to experience a different life. Besides our homes we also purchased a home to rent in Ostuni. Almost within days of moving here we realized things would not be as easy as we thought; navigating a very different way of doing things, frustrating Italian bureaucracy and just not knowing people. We had always visited more urban areas and areas where there was a greater ease with foreigners. Puglia has a natural beauty, an authenticity and the people are very friendly but for people moving from a major city, in our case Los Angeles, it was a shock. We were lost in many ways.

Then one day this cheerful man with an English accent rang on my door. It was Graham Bayne. He introduced himself and we started chatting. It turned out he’d been here 7 years and had, along with his business partner Chris, started a company to service pools, Puglia Pools. But as we chatted it turned out he could connect us to other services and oversee them to completion. I cannot begin to cover the physical and emotional help Graham has been to us, going way outside expectations. He helped us find doctors, veterinarians, get a classic car registered and insured and more, and none of these here is easy. If I had to summarize in points why Graham Bayne is a critical person to use if you live in the Fasano, Ostuni, Martina Franca area it would be:

  • He knows the ropes. The ins and outs of what needs to get done and how to get it done.
  • If he cannot do something he helps find someone who can. He has integrity.
  • Always gave us a fair price and if we got a charge from a supplier that was too high he’d help us get it adjusted.
  • When a crisis happened, like no water or gas, Graham was on the case to help get it fixed, just to be helpful.
  • He knows Italian but is English. This is much more helpful than an Italian who knows English – why? Because he understands the sensibilities of people who are used to American, British and northern European ways of living.
  • Graham is not just a service but offers guidance and is there from beginning to end
  • Finally, he is a really friendly, genuine person – something that is so important when you are in a country, an area and amongst people who are very different to anything you’ve experienced.

I can recommend Graham Bayne with 100% conviction. He is a real find.