Solar panel upgrade


We are upgrading the pools solar panels at Trullo Negli Alberi this winter. The old ones had done a decent job for the last 6 years but over this time they have shown to have a couple of failings. The first are the rubber tubes that connect the panels together which it turns out are not UV resistant and after a couple of seasons started to split and spray water everywhere. More annoying was the fact that every flexible tube we could source locally was either two small or too large meaning we had to order replacements from the original supplier. The second issue was that the straps that held the panels down in the wind had the same problem with the UV and after a couple of seasons they fell to pieces and needed replacing. Third problem is that the small tubes carrying the water across the panel developed small leaks which constantly needed repairing. The final problem was that this style of panels heating performance is very susceptible to air movement so on windy days, even if it is sunny the heating potential is reduced.
The new panels are Eco-Spark from Helicol, the market leaders and the heating tubes are enclosed in an acrylic cover which means they are not affected by the wind and the heating performance is increased. They are bolted to the frame so no straps to perish and there are no flexible connections between the panels to split and leak. Sure, these panels are more expensive than the originals but like most things, you get what you pay for.