Take back control of your garden

Are you fed up of being pestered by mosquitos all the time while you are trying to enjoy your garden?

Are you continually buying and surrounding yourself with mosquito candles while trying to eat outdoors?

Would you like to be able to stop worrying about your children being bitten while playing outside?

The answer is here!!! Mistaway, the most popular misting system that creates a no go zone for insects is now available in Puglia.

This completely automated system is programmed to spray a fine mist of a mild botanical insecticide through a nozzle circuit. The circuit is installed around your garden and property. With just two short mists per day, mosquitoes and other insects will dissapear from your garden.

Industry leading Mistaway has sold more systems than the rest of the industry combined. It has advanced leak detection, chemical control and wifi monitoring services which make it superior to all other systems on the market.

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