Black algae


Black algae, despite its deceptive name, is not a type of algae. It scientifically is a form of single-celled aquatic photosynthetic bacteria known as cyanobacteria. It typically thrives in swimming pools, forming clumps on the pool’s floor and walls. This particular strain of bacteria can pose potential hazards, especially if ingested, and can even be lethal to dogs if they happen to drink water containing it. Unlike its green algae counterparts, black algae presents a formidable challenge when attempting to eradicate it from your pool.

When black algae initially start to grow, it may resemble small black dots or clusters of mould. However, due to its cyanobacterial nature, these formations might appear more greenish-blue than truly black. Unlike algae, black algae do not float freely in the water but adhere tenaciously to surfaces. Consequently, it rarely develops in pools finished with PVC liners, as these do not offer the rough surface it needs to attach itself. In contrast, pools finished with plaster, tiles, or concrete are more susceptible to black algae infestations.


Recognizing black algae is crucial. It cannot be treated in the same manner as green algae. It is exceptionally hardy and resistant to traditional pool cleaning methods, often burrowing its way behind tiles and penetrating deep into the pores of plaster and cement surfaces.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to combat black algae, and Piscimar offers one such product. However, effective black algae removal demands a combination of this specialized product, rigorous effort, and vigilant water maintenance practices. By identifying and addressing it promptly, pool owners can mitigate its persistence and ensure a safe and inviting swimming environment.

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