Pool construction: how to avoid pitfalls in the long run.

No matter the situation, investing in better quality materials and construction services is always better as it will prove more efficient in the long run.

Swimming pool construction is no exception to this rule. Here at Puglia pools, people often contact us in search of help with their ‘pool disasters’. These disasters often occur when constructors choose cheaper, less reliable materials during the pool’s construction, resulting in problems such as cracking, leaking, or structural failures.

The pictures below clearly compare different quality materials used in pool construction. The one to the right depicts a reinforced concrete base built by our team, which supports the entire pool structure. This option will keep your pool stable and resistant to damage that can be caused over time. On the other hand, the photo to the left depicts a pool base created with a fragile wired grid that won’t guarantee the pool’s resistance or stability.

What would you rather have supporting your pool, the correct specifications or the cheaper option?

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Here at Puglia pools, we have over 10 years of experience dealing with pool construction and maintenance. Whether you are looking to start your pool construction journey or require assistance with an already existing pool, contact us today, and we will make your pool dreams a reality. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our latest news.